As you know, visiting cemeteries brings me joy. History, art, culture, peace and quiet live in these places, so I seek them as we travel. For our young traveler Luna, there is even more — math, geography, architecture, contemplation of mortality. Heading to the cemeteries — one of them at least — in New Orleans was always part of the itinerary, because there is nothing like them really; they are among my favorites. Fortunately for us, two of the St. Louis cemeteries were adjacent to our RV resort, giving us easy access to Cemetery 2. There is a whole lot of Europe in New Orleans, and the St. Louis cemeteries are no different: Tombs and vaults are above ground because that’s what the French and Spanish did and do, not because of potential rising waters. The cemeteries of New Orleans are dramatic, revealing, crumbling, new, old and tell lots of stories. I simply adore them.

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There are three Roman Catholic St. Louis cemeteries. Two are near the French Quarter, and the third cemetery is located a couple of miles away from this location. Most of the cemeteries were developed through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and they continue to be tended to and filled with the dearly departed. Overall, the cemeteries are a time warp and so utterly interesting. We loved exploring.

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As many famous people are entombed in these resting places, one can take a tour. There are tour services for Cemetery 1, but tours are not really our thing. We like private contemplation. Cemetery 2, at the corner of St. Louis and Claiborne, is open during the day until 6 PM. Meander all you want.

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