During our stay in San Antonio, we took a half day to explore the San Antonio Zoo, and what a zoo it was. Just outside of downtown San Antonio and spread over thirty-five acres, the San Antonio Zoo rivals any other major zoo in our opinion. It quickly became one of our favorites. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at this remarkable place.

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One thing that appealed to us right away was the zoo’s natural setting, which reminded us of the San Diego Zoo. Many of the animals’ quarters were open air and/or surrounded by stone fences or native stone cliffs, similar to what one will find meandering the terrain of San Antonio. If fences were necessary, such as in the cases of the monkeys, they were secured to the natural edifices. Even many of the birds had open spaces in which to roam: Trees, fences, stones or pillars were all free for the perching without any enclosure in sight.

There is also art in the form of sculptures everywhere at the San Antonio Zoo, as well as lush, natural flora that blend beautifully throughout the park.

And, of course, the San Antiono Zoo is abundant with animals. Birds are a big presence at this zoo, and there are simply too many to mention. There are two African exhibits, and the new addition of giraffes. There is a also an awesome reptile house full of vipers and rattlers, and the Toadally exhibit, which is home to rare and endangered salamanders, frogs, toads and newts. Monkeys and lemurs hang out, and there are several species of crocodile and alligator. A rare white rhino, a zebra, an Asian elephant, and many cats — lions, a tiger, a jaguar and more — all reside in this zoo. There is so much to see that it could easily take a visitor two days to absorb it all.

The San Antonio Zoo is open every day of the year. An adult ticket is $14.25; children ages 3 – 11 pay $11.25. There are plenty of eateries, and there are also many open and picnic spaces for lunches and resting. There is a koi pond and kids can feed them. The San Antonio Zoo is a wonderful place. We hope that you get a chance to go. We know that we will return.

Here are some of our favorite videos from our visit.


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