It was around midday, midweek during our Sandusky visit when we all had different ideas about what we wanted to do: I was thinking about a run; Liza wanted to walk the campground; and Luna wanted to test out a new Minecraft world. Those all sounded good, but it felt like the right time to do something together instead. I had been researching locations for hiking when we arrived in Sandusky, and one spot that drew my attention was the Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve.


We drove five miles from the campground to the trailhead and started our journey. We brought along our bird book in case we needed help identifying them. Recently, I have been fascinated by wetlands and marshes, and now pay attention to the diversity of wildlife and impressive landscapes. Suitable for water fowl, amphibians, reptiles and fish, but unsuitable for human development, this terrain is difficult for humans to destroy.

As we entered the park, Liza took out her “phone” to take pictures. Luna took notice and said, “Mama, you sure do take a lot of photos.” We all had a chuckle at that and continued on our way. Shortly thereafter, Luna asked for Mama’s phone so she could take a few of her own pictures. We continued along the path on our way to the Lake Erie shore as Luna snapped away. Below are just a few (well, many) of the shots that she took.

I had been missing some hiking in my diet and needed a fix, which is one of the reasons that we are on this journey. Hiking will be a big part of our activities as we continue our travels. Fresh air, exercise and creative learning: a perfect environment for a traveling family.

Luna’s pretty little photo gallery

We wanted to keep the integrity of her “eye,” so we inserted a variety of focused and unfocused images. We really like them all.


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