We have wanted that most our adventures take place near the water, and this hike at Chimney Bluffs State Park in Huron, New York, did not disappoint. Constant weathering has shaped these bluffs, which were originally drumlins formed by glaciers. Apparently super sharp, one can observe these bluffs from atop a harrowing hiking trail, wind-whipped, eroded and damp. Although there are many of these formations along Lake Ontario’s shores, the spires¬†at Chimney Bluffs are the most visited. Furthermore, despite their perseverance throughout the ages, the bluffs erode an average of one to five feet per year. (Wikipedia)

Ah, steadfast Lake Ontario, you dazzle us.



Liza Beth Rumery

Liza likes to do a lot of things. Currently, she like to make food, ride bikes, study languages and hang out with her family.

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