For a modest fee, you can go to this place — High Falls Gorge in Wilmington, New York in the Adirondack Park. This privately-owned nature trail makes possible a roaring, stunning hike around the constantly occurring AuSable River and a bit up Whiteface Mountain if you wish. Twenty-two acres of carefully maintained walkways and trails make this jaunt accessible to everyone and to all ages. Four waterfalls, granite cliffs, a billion years. Even if you are just passing through the Adirondacks, stop by for a walk or a hike at High Falls Gorge. It is so much fun. You can eat there, too.

Liza Beth Rumery

Liza likes to do a lot of things. Currently, she like to make food, ride bikes, study languages and hang out with her family.

2 comments on “A Hike at High Falls Gorge

  1. Stunning pic! Where is the like button? 🙂 I kid but do love the info you provided about the Adirondacks as well!

    • I think that opening pic was Scot’s. Maybe we can make a “Like” button just for you. 😉 Glad that you are reading along with us. xo

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