Holland, Michigan, is where we landed after returning to the Midwest from Redondo Beach via Zion National Park. It came as a surprise to me and Scot — landing in Holland, that is — because it was so nearby where we had grown up that we never anticipated living there. Ever. But, as it turned out, it was a great place to spend time as a family, reacclimate to Michigan from another point of view, regather and reorganize our things, spread out, and to think and work creatively.

Holland, Michigan, is a great family town. Scot and I felt like we were able experience a bit of our past there, having grown up in a small town in the 70s and 80s, where everything felt just a little safer and easier to maneuver. In this case, Holland is an incredibly bike-friendly community, with wide neighborhood streets and everything centrally located around a very accessible downtown: parks, waterfronts, long avenues, old and new neighborhoods, the farmer’s market, and more. Riding bikes in Holland was a far cry from attempting to ride bikes in the streets in greater Los Angeles, which was always extremely stressful (which is why we took the bike path along the coast). We really had a good time riding the streets on our cruisers.

Holland, Michigan, makes great beer. So many fantastic breweries to choose from make craft beer from Holland one of our more delicious and fond memories. Quaint Our Brewing, ever-growing and busy New Holland Brewing, and, my favorite, Big Lake Brewing.

Holland is situated on Lake Michigan, as well as nestled among abundant farms. The Holland Farmers Market is a great stop. My favorite rhubarb is sold there, as well as blueberry doughnuts, and lots of local meats. All the veg is amazing. It’s a really vibrant market.

When we arrived in our loft in February of 2018, we experienced the super-cold polar vortex and froze our butts off. There was also an April blizzard — one each April for the three years that we remained in Michigan. But what would Southwest Michigan be without its beautiful seasons and piles of snow? It’s actually always beautiful there.

There is so much to do in Holland, Michigan. We were so pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had, how kind and friendly people seem to be, and how nice it was to land there after life on the road for a while. It allowed us to admire things that we loved — our art, some creature comforts, a little more space, rhythm and routine — while investigating how we want to continue to live our lives. Minimalism is awesome, helpful, informative. Essentialism is what we turned our attention to upon our return. So much to think about after a few years on the road. Holland was a delightful place to consider it all.


Liza Beth Rumery

Liza likes to do a lot of things. Currently, she like to make food, ride bikes, study languages and hang out with her family.

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